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Once you've done a lap around the world, the youthfulness of Sydney becomes very apparent. The streets are full with skyscrapers, paired with a confronting amount of re-development on every corner. So when you stumble across a piece of Sydney’s history, it feels like a diamond in the rough, just as it did when we discovered The Primus hotel ...

If you didn’t know what you were looking for, you would probably miss the whole thing, with only a teeny-tiny emblem signifying its presence thanks to heritage restrictions. It was only in 2015, when The Primus opened its door, setting a new benchmark for art deco indulgence.

What was once Sydney’s official Water Board building has evolved from its iconic 1930’s roots, into an established hotel, known for its element of grandeur and the undeniably prime location - Sydney’s central business district. The first thing you will notice upon entry is the original red, marble pillars, the sheer magnitude will captivate you. The pillars soar through the mezzanine level, all the way to the third floor, giving shape to the whole building. It is on the entry level where you will find the restaurant and bar, curated by an array pink velvet couches and wooden dining tables. For a level of theatrics order one of the cocktails, be warned – a smoky drink may ensue.

The Primus has 172 rooms and suites, all paying homage to their original art deco roots. You will notice the sixth floor is still in its original condition, walking through the hallway is enough to give you shivers, a perfectly preserved space, enhancing and magnifying its original frill. It is this floor, where you can find some of the elaborate suites, each, with their own dining, living and separate sleeping areas. If you make your way up to the very top floor, you will find yourself on the rooftop level. It is here one of the waiters can pour you a drink from the bar, or usher you up to the stretched-out infinity pool, all under the sleek city-backdrop.

The Primus is the kind of space you won’t want to leave. Whether it be a Sydney escape, or the perfect staycation, The Primus is an indulgent piece of Sydney’s history, right at your fingertips.

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