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The Woolstore 1888 eschews soulless hotel monotony for residential warmth and wit...

In a city that loses its hospitality compass in a maze of glass and steel, The Woolstore 1888 stands out as a welcoming haven, redefining the hotel experience beyond mere transactions.

Forget the conventional lobby; this feels more like your private living room—sans judgmental family portraits. Here, you're free to ditch the suit jacket for something a bit more forgiving, because isn't that what home is all about?

The bar, the beating heart of any home away from home, invites you to a space where bartenders are confidants, and the drinks menu is a celebration of liquid courage. It's not just a drink; it's a sip accompanied by camaraderie.

Within the storied walls of the transformed wool store, Mister Percy came to life. Led by culinary expert Justin North, this restaurant pays tribute to Mister Ewart Percy, the wool-classer of his time. Positioned conveniently for Sydney Lyric Theatre-goers, it offers a modern take on a European-inspired menu. Chef North, partnering with Luca Guiotto, artfully combine the finest local ingredients, creating a culinary journey along the European coastline—a narrative that weaves history and flavour.

The Woolstore 1888 doesn't confine you to the sterile typical hotel environment; it liberates you in a space that whispers, "make yourself at home."

In an endless city race, The Woolstore 1888 urges you to hit pause and savour the art of just being. It's not merely a pit stop; it's a destination where the concept of 'home' gets a serious makeover.

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