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Santorini is the golden island of Greece, responsible for those blue-roofed sandstone castles, laying inches apart on a cascading cliff face. The entire island itself wraps around the indigo Aegean, like a stadium at sea. If you, like us, want front row seats, then these are the hotels to check yourself into ...


The Grace Hotel

The Grace has arguably the most exclusive location in Santorini, perched above the world-famous Caldera with expansive views and picturesque sunsets. The Grace is the ultimate expression of luxury and a true jewel of the islands. The atmosphere stretches all the way to the dining table, with the wait-staff serving up some of the finest, authentic Greek cuisine on this side of the Mediterranean. Not to mention the iconic infinity pool, which is sprawled across kilometres of uninterrupted sea views. 


The Perivolas

The Perivolas really tugged at our heartstrings; faithful to the unique architecture of Santorini, the Psychas family restored a group of 300-year-old caves that were once the homes of local fishermen and farmers. With the help of native craftsmen and utilising local stone, this historical setting has been transformed into a luxurious complex of 20 very unique suites. The infinity pool is staggered down the cliff, creating an array of hidden nooks to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Canaves Oia

17th century canaves that were once carved into the Santorini Cliffside, have since been adapted and transformed into an array of luxury suites. Every nook of Canaves is oozing with sophistication and minimalism. As for the pool, there are two; one is nestled amid a white sandstone cave, and the other is atop the velvety blue Aegean Sea, boasting uninterrupted panoramic views.


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