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The Amalfi Coast is certainly the romantic pulse of Italy; seducing visitors with its famous coastlines and the lemon-tree lined towns of Positano, Amalfi and Ravello. The road connecting the coast is windy and narrow, but absolutely magnificent...



As John Steinbeck says, 'Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn't quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.'

Hotel Le Sirenuse

Via Cristoforo Colombo 30, 84017

Positioned on Amalfi Drive, in the centre of the village of Positano, is the incredibly eclectic La Sirenuse. The rooms and terraces sit 70 metres above the sea, and are an unbeatable oasis. The view is undoubtedly the most impressive in all of Positano, with front row seats to that iconic cascading cliff of colour. Owners, the Sersale family, once used this palazzo as their private seaside retreat; and once inside Sirenus, its impossible not to fall authentic Italian motif. “The majolica-tiled rooms are filled with museum-worthy antiques, hand-picked mostly by patriarch Franco Sersale.

Da Adolfo

Via Laurito, 40, 84017

Da Adolfo is the kind of chaotic-Italian-summer that; I dream of. The whole experience is an ordeal, but one that I willingly put myself through every summer. For starters, they don't answer the phone - so pray for yourself if you need to change your booking - and the only way to Laurito beach is via boat (of course it is). However, once you have arrived, it’s all smooth sailing. The food is simple, thoughtful and always prepared with a whole-lot of Italian lovin’ (barefoot-waiters and all..)


Viale Pasitea, 242, 84017

Next2 was opened in 2014 by Tanina Vanacore. Her longstanding devotion to fine food and cooking was paramount. Since, she has lovingly passed the restaurant onto her daughter, Carmela - who has maintained the ethos of simplicity and elegance.

Franco’s Bar

Via Cristoforo Colombo 30, 84017 

A v chic al fresco bar at the top of Positano, perfectly positioned for that iconic sunset. The menu is curated by Le Sirenuse’s head barman Robert Wimmer - paying homage to the golden age of fine spirits, French champagne; and arguably one of the best dirty martini’s of my life.


Capri is an Island off the Italian Bay of Naples, stamped by the iconic Blue Grotto.

JK Place

Via Provinciale Marina Grande 225, 80073

On the Island of Capri, over-looking the Gulf of Naples is the very chic JK Place. Besides the obvious charm, the real pulse lies within the feeling of seclusion.The property is like a scene from an old Fellini film; Italy just as you imagined it. A neat line of white, wooden day-beds, rows of lemon trees - all overlooking the emotive Mediterranean Sea. You will spend your day dining on the terrace, sipping whisky at the poolside bar and soaking up the steam at the in-house spa.

Da Paolino

Via Palazzo a Mare 11, 80073

Underneath a canopy of lemon-trees is the very charming Da Paolino. For decades the De Martino family has been creating some of Capri's most iconic dishes. This is the kind of place, you must try.. at least once. 

Quisi Bar

Via Camerelle 2, 80073

The place to be in Capri. This al fresco bar is drenched in sun over the summer, all while you’re serenaded by the in-house pianist. The bar is apart of the renowned Quisisana Hotel.


The only way to describe the magic of Ravello, is a place caught between the earth and the sky. Hidden high in the mountains, with the entire Amalfi coast cascading beneath you.


Belmond Hotel Caruso

Piazza San Giovanni del Toro 2, 84010 Ravello

Set on a cliff edge 1,000ft above sea level, Belmond Hotel Caruso is your private balcony over the Amalfi Coast; a heavenly retreat between sea and sky. This former 11th-century palace boasts all the worldly luxuries anyone could desire. Marbled hallways lead to rooms brimming with antiques and paintings by old masters. Cascading down the mountain, past lemon groves and olive trees, is Ravello, the mesmerising ‘city of music’.

Restaurant Villa Maria

Via. S 2, 84010, Ravello SA

Since its opening in 1934, when Nonna Orsola ran the kitchen, Villa Maria has evolved into a renowned gastronomic experience. Fusing simple, quality ingredients with a depth-of-flavour that can only be achieved with Italian roots. The restaurant incorporates biodynamic ingredients, picked fresh from their garden, which is brimming across the hotels terraces. Sitting high on the Mediterranean, with a dramatic view of the Amalfi Coast in the distance, is right where you want to be.

The Caruso Piano Bar

Piazza San Giovanni del Toro 2, 84010 Ravello

The real charm of a vacation deep in the mountains of Ravello, is revelling in a different kind of relaxation. In saying so, I whole-heartedly endorse staying-in and wandering down to the in-house Piano Bar.

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